Lydia talks about her transformative experiences with taking the Franklin Method teacher training, her body and dance.


Eric taught his first workshop for a college dance festival at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. The audience was a mix between students, teachers and faculty. The students grasped the core concept from the very beginning: Embodying function improves function. We discussed the importance of efficient force absorption and generation for good dance technique and experienced the nature of the spinal spring for jumping. It seemed as if the dancers were about to bounce off the ceiling!

Lydia is experiencing her pelvis in a whole new way after learning about it in the Franklin Method teacher training. “Such a different sensation to what I was taught in ballet class”. It’s so liberating and effortless to move now!

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Victor is a dancer at Juilliard. He has been stuggling with tension and tightness in his hips. Since 2 weeks of Franklin Method, his whole body has transformed!

Hanna-Lee has ben dancing for 21 years. She experienced her first Franklin Method class at Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) in NYC with Laura Hames and feels like her whole life has changed.