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Hello Franklin Method Lovers!

Thank you for coming to this blog about Franklin Method.


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Please note: This blog is discontinued, but will remain here for your enjoyment & reference until Jan 1 2013 while all the content is transferred.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at a Franklin Method class, workshop or Teacher Training!

Warmly Laura Hames Franklin


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Nicole, a yoga teacher, realizes that the words she uses in yoga class can be reshaped to assist her own body and her students’ bodies. With new language, she can help bodies move in more beneficial ways and can empower a mind body connection.

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Ilana realizes the capacity of her body and all bodies for movement beyond what she thought there could be!

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From Redheads to Red Balloons

Kate Watson, from Inner Idea wrote about us in her blog

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It’s getting late, and it’s time for me to wind this up. I spent the afternoon helping my co-worker Mike Bannan with a photo shoot. We were shooting Eric Franklin and Laura Hames demonstrating moves with red balloons and pelvic bones and dozens of other props and toys. We had fun. At the end, Laura snapped us all—maybe her pictures will show up on Facebook in the next few days. Many thanks to our Visionary Sponsors, without whom this conference would not have been possible. Now I’m going to join the Moonlight Meditation on the grass, and then Scott and I will head across the mountains for home. It’s been lovely. My “list of gratitudes” is long—I’ll whisper it to the night sky as we drive.

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Inspired dance

Picture 4

I am so inspired to dance every day with new images and embodiments catalyzing my potential and making everything so much more enjoyable. When you start to really feel the flow from the inside out, and become more in tune with how the body is designed it’s amazing how things transform in an instant.

Today, in Franklin Method class at Dance New Amsterdam in NYC, we were embodying the spirals of the pelvis bones, and how the pelvic floor then becomes an energy storage device. As you start to see and embody the movements that naturally occur between the bones,  it allows the system to absorb and release energy for movement- creating more efficiency, increased flexibility and ease. It also allows a wealth of otherwise untapped energy for movement with dynamic, elastic propulsion.

How can you block that energy transference? Unfortunately, as we discovered, a lot of dancers, movers, athletes and people generally do block that movement (either consciously or unconsciously) which creates tension and wear and tear on the body. We are often taught to hold ourselves in a certain position in order to create stability and alignment. The question then is… what is alignment? Do we want to move and be aligned? Now is that possible….?

Picture 8

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Springs for feet

Today in ballet class I was imaging my talus sliding from plié to relevé. The talus is a very important bone in the foot which transfers the weight of the body through the lower leg to the foot. As I plié, tendu, dégagé and travel through class I focus on feeling the gliding action in this bone- allowing it to fully move towards the heel in plié and forward in extension of the foot. This focus gives my whole body the feeling of more support and connection. My legs feel longer and extended without tension and traveling and jumps is effortless.

I need to spend more time imaging the incredible design of the feet to really spring into my full movement potential.

This Sunday, Eric Franklin is teaching a workshop on the feet at Movements a Foot in NYC from 2.30-5.30. If you would like more spring, joy and ease in your feet then make sure to get yourself there! You will be jumping higher- guarenteed :-)

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