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Hanna-Lee has ben dancing for 21 years. She experienced her first Franklin Method class at Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) in NYC with Laura Hames and feels like her whole life has changed.


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Franklin Method: Torso Dynamics for a Liberated Upper Back

With Eric Franklin & Morten Dither  $120
December 6, 2009 10 AM – 1 PM

The ribcage involves itself in our breath but also serves as a mediator between spine and upper limb movement. In the first part of the workshop we will discover the dynamic movement of the ribcage and its  50+ joints in breathing and spinal movement. The organic, ligamentous and muscular involvement will be explained through imagery and simple movement.

In the second part of the workshop we will explore the bone rhythms of shoulder girdle and upper limb we will experience how to successfully integrate this movement into the ribcage, spine and core of the body. This will result in greater ease of movement, improved coordination and a natural sense of core stability.

  • Understand and embody the dynamic relation of ribcage, shoulder girdle and arm to produce
  • Not all arm movement are equally fit to produce power! Learn what  a “Neutral” or closed pack arm lift is.
  • Experience the ease of motion and freedom possible of the ribcage, shoulder girdle and arm in breathing and movement.


Move Your Body Well–The Franklin Ball & Band Fest

With Eric Franklin & Morten Dither  $120
December 6, 2009 2-5 PM

Picture 18In this class we will learn the unique Franklin-Method approach to conditioning with imagery, balls and bands and learn exercises that will create an immediate sense of strength and flexibility. With the help of balls we will improve our balance, alignment and coordination and increase the flexibility of the shoulder, back and hip-joint. The band exercises presented in this class will improve dynamic and static strength, trunk strength, extent flexibility, dynamic flexibility as well as motor and perceptual timing. Imagery is used with every exercise to increase the efficiency by which the nervous system directs the movement helping to achieve maximum strength and flexibility gains during the conditioning routines.

Picture 12


  • How to make your workout fun.
  • How to use dynamic Imagery in a work out routine to modulate tension level, movement quality and muscle recruitment.
  • How to use Franklin Balls and Bands to tone the whole body.

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