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Musical spine

The spine is a keyboard playing beatiful music. As you move, every joint, tendon and muscle produces wonderful sounds . It is the music that moves you from within.


c. Eric Franklin September 2009


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Eric and Morten just completed the year one Franklin Method teacher training in Boulder, Colorado. As usual, all the participants are excited and thrilled to get out and start teaching this work. Hear some of they had to say about the experience!

John. Chiropractor, Colorado.

“My pilates class has transformed with the Franklin Method”

Diane Miller, dancer teacher, pilates teacher
“I been searching for 40 years, and now… I have finally found it!!”

“I have gone from being dis-functional and aging to growing younger again!”

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Eric taught a master class for the students of the dance program at Colorado University. The overwhelming response was one of completely new experiences. “I have never felt anything like it” was the phrase that we heard over and over again. “My leg felt so light and effortless, and my movement was much more balanced and co-ordinated.”

Picture 29

The most exciting part of this workshop was that the dancers felt empowered to really become their own teachers and take responsibility for their progression. Dancers are particularly good at ‘beating up on themselves’ in their minds (negative self-talk), and everyone experienced how this created a negative result in movement potential. If you can maintain a more positive inner diolgue, then the result is more confidence, ease of motion, enjoyment and more self expression, which in turn equals better technique.

Hear what these 3 dancers had to say:

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What an image! 80+ movers, shakers and teachers experiencing their new movement possibilities and ways of thinking. When you experience your movement potential improve instantly before your eyes, it’s quite a big leap to recognize that was inside of you all the time, just waiting to be expressed and tapped into!


That was the over all response from the attendees of Eric’s 3 workshops~ ready to take the leap! For most people it was their first experience of Franklin Method, and to watch Eric present this profound information with simplicity and humor was inspiring and transformative. When you have the opportunity to experience first hand that simply changing your mind, changes your entire movement experience, it is life changing. There a a few people who said that their lives had changed in this hour and half workshop!

Magnificent laughter that flowed from the huge ballroom and the classes were over capacity due to word getting around that Eric’s workshops must be experienced first hand! You are not just learning anatomy in a fun and experiential way, but you are really being given the tools to become your own teacher and start being your potential. By looking at the design and function of the body- that is inside of us all, we can start to come closer to this magnificent design. When we use our body’s how they have been designed, they are obviously going to work better!

The question is, are you images and thoughts supporting this design or hindering it? We all experience thoughts that do not support our ‘highest good or potential’, so what are we going to do with that? In such a short time, we experienced the ability within to turn that around- and this is really truly mind-body!

Hear what some of the participant had to say:

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Do you want more ease in your plie? More freedom in your hips and lower back? To jump higher? To feel like you are working with your body, rather than fighting it? More flexibility? More strength?…

Picture 7

We will explore the dynamic anatomy of the pelvis, as well as how the pelvic floor supports (or fights) our movement. If you can see the movement that is happening within your body more clearly, and embody that function, then you will instantly see improvements in all aspects of your movement, co-ordination and flow. Most dancers are not aware of how the body moves, and if you can’t see it well, you can’t use it well.

Learn some of the theraband exercises for instant improvement in strength, flexibility and movement ease.

Experience an instant transformation in your movement that you can apply to all dance and movement forms.

Where: 280 Broadway, 2nd Floor (entrance on Chambers), New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212.625.8369- Call NOW to register!

When: Saturday October 10 & Sunday October 11: 11am – 2pm

Workshop fees: Members: $95 Non members: $135

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From Redheads to Red Balloons

Kate Watson, from Inner Idea wrote about us in her blog

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It’s getting late, and it’s time for me to wind this up. I spent the afternoon helping my co-worker Mike Bannan with a photo shoot. We were shooting Eric Franklin and Laura Hames demonstrating moves with red balloons and pelvic bones and dozens of other props and toys. We had fun. At the end, Laura snapped us all—maybe her pictures will show up on Facebook in the next few days. Many thanks to our Visionary Sponsors, without whom this conference would not have been possible. Now I’m going to join the Moonlight Meditation on the grass, and then Scott and I will head across the mountains for home. It’s been lovely. My “list of gratitudes” is long—I’ll whisper it to the night sky as we drive.

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