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Stair walking

How many times a day do you walk up stairs? If you live in New york City and take the subway, your answer will probably be a lot! It is such a different experience when you use some imagery to support this, what can be a tiresome effort. A few simple images and embodiments can transform it into an enjoyable ascension.


This pic was taken at the BodyMind expo in CA where we were all practicing bouncing on the femur heads to transform this simple activity into a complex magnificent dance of rhythms and spirals and support systems. Who would think that there is so much to see and feel in this simple motion that we all do every day. 

I was captivated with walking yesterday after really feeling and seeing the beauty of the double helixes that flow up the spine. As the pelvic halves do a figure eight, and the sacrum is counter spiraling, it creates this mesmerizing pattern that is like tapping into such a deep place of connection. The double helix is the basis of life…. Feeling this power and life force inside your own body is (in my opinion) one of the most amazing things to do! It’s well worth practicing your imagery skills to get there!


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Eric Franklin was on form today teaching a spine workshop at the Body Mind Expo in Santa Clara. I am taking 3 days of his workshops, and it always amazes me how many times you can hear and do this work, and still find more discoveries, connections, understanding and embodying.


It ‘s amazing to observe the shifts in people’s perspective and paradigms as they experience the Franklin Method for the first time. It challenges in a way that is so elegant and supportive that it shakes things up without being invasive. When you experience something in your body, you cannot argue with that. The answers are all inside of us, and accessing that true wisdom for greater ease and dynamism is incredible. 

Changing your mind. Changing your beliefs, changing your movement. 

The one thing that is certain in this world is change. For movement, things need to change. So, nothing is static. To let go of holdings- physical, emotional and mental takes courage and commitment and a little trust. That’s where the magic happens!

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