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Sacrum Support



Take a moment to connect with your sacrum. Do you know where your sacrum is? Is has a big job to do. I has to support your entire spine, head, brain, pelvis… it’s the keystone, and if it’s ‘out of balance’- the rest of you will be too. It’s incredible what imagery will do for your sacrum, and spine. 

I am guessing you are sitting at your computer… so place your hand on the base of your spine- right as it turns into your tail bone. There is a big upside down triangular shaped bone there- this is your sacrum. Give it a rub for a minute, and then see if you can close your eyes and see if you can imagine this triangle under your hand. Does it feel supportive? Is it even or tilted? Does it feel strong enough to hold up your spine!? Can you imagine the base of support ? Is it boyant? Supportive?

From BodyTalk we know that one of the consciousnesses of the sacrum is support- which makes sense. Have you ever wondered the connection between feeling the support from your spine, and the support in your life? Has there ever been a time when you feel unsupported by life, and your spine feels weak?

Tell your sacrum that it is doing a  great job in supporting you, and it will be happy to do it’s job far more efficiently! Try it. And of course, get some BodyTalk to release the underlying resistances to feeling support, and get yourself to a Franklin Method class to have a clearer picure of your sacrum, and how it is designed to do an efficient job!

If you are sitting efficiently, then you will be bending at your hip joints, and your sacrum will be released, and not curled underneath you. How is your sacrum today? :-)


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