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I love using this soft toy to help me feel the fluid movement in my sternum. I think he’s a moose, but he’s made of soft material, and he has thick elastic inside of him! He’s strong, but flexible- and that’s a great feeling for my sternum. 

If you can imagine- that your sternum is fluid, and mobile. As you bend to the side, or forward to backwards, your sternum flexes and stretches like elastic or chewing gum. This really creates lift and ease in the sternum, and frees up not only the movement in the upper body, but everywhere.


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I had the pleasure of teaching two Intro to Imagery classes in Santa Fe last week. Both were received with great enthusiasm. The expansive space created an amazing atmosphere that helped us all to really feel and experience the changes.


I always love teaching these classes as it gives me an opportunity to do Franklin Method myself, and also to see the transformations that happen with people in such a short period of time. We looked at some basic movements of the pelvis, and experienced the difference between imaging it with supportive imagery, that allows the function to be embodied. Comparing that to no image or an image that was counter to how the body is designed is without a doubt convincing that “Yes!” it really does matter what images we have about our body.

One lady attended both classes, and said that she felt so good after the first class, that she had to come back to get some more. She expressed that her relationship to her body had totally changed and she was walking differently.

Another lady who had a pain in her foot for ages, said that it had gone after we did just a few feet exercises. It was wonderful!

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Lungs waking up

Feeling my lungs wake up after feeling under the weather is such a gift. It feels like they are retouching their vibrancy and fluidity. As the clouds role past, the sun rises, and starts to fill them full of warm nurturing energy. Vibe them back to life!

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